Our Products

The Tool Master

If you're looking for a multifunctional storage unit. Look no further than the hen house. This 12x12 unit is priced in at a cool $4,975 and its perfect for storing mowing equipment or it can be your workshop. 

The Engine Master

If you're like us, you might've bought a big ol chunk of land with a mobile home that didn't come with a garage. Not to worry, we can fix that. The Engine Master is a beautiful 24x20 unit and has enough space for two vehicles and still plenty of space for tools or general storage. 

The Toy Vault

You've worked hard and now you have too many toys. They all have sentimental value to you so you don't want to part with them or let them sit out in the harsh Florida weather. Well, they'll be safe and sound in the Toy Vault. This 30x44 has enough space and clearance for all of your wheeled babies. It has enough space for an RV and a Boat (max length 27ft). This unit starts at $28,875.